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Phrase & Stories
The Graves of Three Kings Legend about Yellow Crane Tower
Zong Dingbo Catches a Ghost Tale of Four Dragons
Chinese Proverbs Chinese Proverbs
Guan Yu - The Saint of Force The Rain-soaked Bell
Witty and Wise Chinese Proverbs 6 The Foxy Lady
Witty and Wise Chinese Proverbs 4 Yang Shen
Witty and Wise Chinese Proverbs 9 Su Wu the Lonely Shepherd
Tomb of Yu the Great (Dayu Ling) The Regulation of Flood by Da Yu ( 氓陇搂莽娄鹿忙虏禄忙掳麓 )
The Frog in the Shallow Well Chinese Proverbs6
Chinese Proverbs 5 Chinese Proverbs 3
To Quench Thirst by Looking at Plums Lv Buwei: an unusual talent of speech and strategy
Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi Drinking (V) Tao Yuanming
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