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Phrase & Stories
TIBETAN FOLK TALES 1 The Four Famous Classical Chinese Literatures
The Tale of Xishi Mark the Spot
Zengzi killing the pig Blessing or Bane
How Yu Gong Moved Away Two High Mountains Traditional and Simplified Chinese
Flower Coronach Thirty-Six Stratagems
Drinking Alone under the Moon Cowherd and Weaver Maid
The Butterfly Lovers Legend of the White Snake
Meng Jiangnu"s Bitter Weeping the Eight Immortals Cross the Sea
Eight Immortals Quenching Thirst by Watching Plums
Like Fire and Flowering Rush Calling a Stag a Horse
Retreating as Condition For Peace Every Bush and Tree Looks Like an Enemy
Staying and Waiting for More Hares To Come Rising Up to Practise Sword Playing
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