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Phrase & Stories
Drinking (V) Tao Yuanming
17/09/2011 02:40:08    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2656

Drinking (V) Tao Yuanming

茅鈩⒙睹β脚撁妓喢郝?65-427茂录鈥?nbsp; 茅楼庐茅鈥︹€?nbsp; 氓鈥β睹ぢ衡€?/P>


忙聺篓氓庐陋莽鈥号?nbsp; 忙藛麓盲鹿茠猫驴颅  猫炉鈥樏寂?/P>

Drinking (V)

Within the world of men I make my home,
Yet din of horse and carriage there is none;
You ask me how this quiet is achieved: 芒鈧€?BR>With thoughts remote the place appears alone.
While picking asters "neath the Eastern fence
My gaze upon the Southern mountain rests;
The mountain views are good by day or night,
The birds come flying homeward to their nests.
A truth in this reflection lies concealed,
But I forget how it may be revealed.

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