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Phrase & Stories
Zengzi killing the pig
06/01/2010 07:21:30    Author : kathybby66@gmail.com    Browse : 884

Zengzi"s killing the pig

In the ancient China, there lived a famous scholar named Zengzi. One day Zengzi" wife set off for the market, her little son followed her, crying. "Go home," she said to the boy, "when I come back, I"ll kill the pig for you to eat." When she got back from the market, Zengzi was prepared to catch the pig and kill it. His wife stopped him. "I was just kidding to say so." "Children cannot be humored in this way," he replied. "They have little understanding. They learn form their parents and listen to what their parents teach them. By deceiving him now you are teaching him to deceive. If a mother deceives her son, her son would not believe his mother any more. This is not the way to teach a child." So he killed the pig and cooked it for his son. Hanfeizi

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