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Phrase & Stories
Drinking Alone under the Moon
08/06/2009 13:27:24    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 968

                Drinking Alone under the Moon
                               ---Li Bai

        A jug of wine amidst the flowers:
        Drinking alone, with no friend near.
        Raising my cup, I beckon the bright moon;
        My shadow included, we a party of three.
        Although the moon unused to drinking
        And the shadow only apes my every move
        For the moment I just take them as they are, 
        Enjoying spring when spring is here. 
        Reeling shadow, swaying moon
        Attend my dance and song. 
        Still sober, we rejoice together;
        Drunk, each takes his leave. 
        To seal forever such unfettered friendship
        Let rendezvous the Milky Way.

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