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Phrase & Stories
Chinese Proverbs
13/11/2012 05:38:59    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1898

Chinese Proverbs


盲赂鈧ヂ扳€∶ヅ犈该λ喡惷惵┞ε韭?(y脙颅 ji脙聽ng g脜聧ng ch脙漏ng w脙聽n g脟鈥?k脜芦) (one+general+accomplishment+succeed+myriad+bones+dry up)
Literally: Tens of thousands of bones will become ashes when one general achieves his fame.
Meaning: A great person needs others to sacrifice themselves to build his success.
Moral: Before admiring someone"s achievement, remember to look at the negative effects that he has delivered.
Compare: To make an omlette you have to break eggs.

氓聧聛氓鹿麓忙篓鹿忙艙篓茂录艗莽鈩⒙久ヂ孤疵β姑ぢ郝好b偓鈥?pinyin: sh脙颅 ni脙隆n sh脙鹿 m脙鹿, b脟沤i ni脙隆n sh脙鹿 r脙漏n)
Literally: Grow a tree for ten years; grow men for a hundred.
Meaning: Nurturing and educating human talent is the key to prosperity.

盲赂鈧ニ嗏€犆ㄢ偓鈥⒚ㄢ偓藴茂录艗盲赂鈧ニ嗏€犆︹€澛睹┞?盲赂鈧ニ嗏€犆ㄢ偓鈥⒚ㄢ偓藴茂录艗盲赂鈧ニ嗏€犆︹€澛睹ㄅ铰?茫鈧€?pinyin: Y脛芦 f脛鈥渘 g脛鈥渘gy脙潞n, y脛芦 f脛鈥渘 sh脜聧uhu脙虏)
Literally: If one does not plow, there will be no harvest.
Meaning: No pain, no gain.

猫篓鈧ヂづ∶ヂ库€γヂぢ泵b偓鈥?pinyin: Y脙隆n du脜聧 b脙卢 sh脛芦)
Literally: If you say too much, you have to have made an error
Meaning: He who talks too much errors often.

猫庐鈧惵ヂ嵚访︹€郝该ぢ嘎嵜ヂ︹€毭∨捗惵┾€∨捗仿?猫炉禄盲赂鈥∶ヂ嵚访ぢ孤γぢ嘎嵜ヂ︹€毭∨捗ぢ糕€∶┾€∨捗仿?茫鈧€?pinyin: D脙潞 w脙聽n ju脟沤n sh脜芦 b脙鹿r脙潞 x脙颅ng w脙聽nl脟聬 l脙鹿)
Literally: Reading ten thousands of books is not as useful as travelling ten thousand miles
Meaning: Practical experience is more useful than theory.

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