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Phrase & Stories
The Rain-soaked Bell
24/09/2012 03:48:37    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1544

The Rain-soaked Bell

A cold cicada, sad and desolate,
Faces the long pavilion at twilight,
The showers having recently ceased.
Outside the city gate, drinking in the tent continues  without end.

I am about to linger awhile,
When the magnolia boat urges me to start my journey.
Holding hands, we look into each other"s tearful eyes -
Without words, throats choked -
As I think of my voyage through a thousand miles  of mists and waves.
Where the evening clouds are somber and the distant skies vast.
Lovers have suffered since ancient times the  sorrows of parting.
How can I bear further my solitude in    this clear autumn season?
Where shall I be when I wake up from my drink tonight? -
Willow banks, the breeze at dawn, and the waning moon.
During this long year of separation,
All fine moments and lovely scenes will appear to me in vain.
Even if there are a thousand varieties of tender emotion,
To whom could I impart them now?


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