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Phrase & Stories
Yang Shen
10/05/2012 12:14:18    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1597

Yang Shen

Yang Shen (忙楼艩忙鈥ε? 1488芒鈧€?559), son of Yang Tinghe, zi Y脙虏ngxi脜芦 (莽鈥澛ぢ柯?, hao Sh脛鈥渘g"脛聛n (氓聧鈥∶ヂ郝?, also hao Bonanshanren (氓聧拧氓聧鈥斆ヂ甭泵ぢ郝?, Bonanshushi (氓聧拧氓聧鈥斆λ喡嵜ヂ徛?, was a poet in the Ming Dynasty.

Yang Shen originally lived in Chengdu in the Sichuan province of China and there he married Huang E, who was known for her scholarship and became a poet.

As a result of the Great rites controversy of 1524, he was reduced to the commoner status and exiled to Yunnan, where he spent over 30 years.[2][3] His wife went to his family"s house in Chengdu and took care of financial matters, the household and the raising of Yang family children, and only occasionally had time to visit him.

Yang Shen was well received by the Yunnan literati class, and produced a substantial amount of writing inspired by the nature and culture of that province. Particularly well known is his essay, "Roaming atop Diancang Mountain" (莽鈥毬姑ㄢ€孤嵜ヂ甭泵ヂ库€? "Diancang Shan Zhi), inspired by his 1530 trip to Diancang Mountain near Dali City.[3][4] His wife and he exchanged poems and letters. Some of the poems under her name might have been written by him as a parody on himself. In those she admonishes him for his irresponsible lifestyle, while she has to take care of his family matters.

His most famous work is probably the Linjiangxian (猫鈥÷β迸该ぢ烩劉), which was later added as the opening poem of later editions of the Romance of Three Kingdoms, a classic novel in China.


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