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Phrase & Stories
The Regulation of Flood by Da Yu ( 氓陇搂莽娄鹿忙虏禄忙掳麓 )
06/04/2012 04:42:43    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2011

The Regulation of Flood by Da Yu ( 氓陇搂莽娄鹿忙虏禄忙掳麓 )

Da Yu ( 氓陇搂莽娄鹿 ) was the legendary first Chinese monarch of the Xia Dynasty ( 氓陇聫忙艙聺 ) , considered as the founder of the dynasty. Occasionally identified as one of The Three August Ones and the Five Emperors ( 盲赂鈥懊♀€∶ぢ衡€澝ヂ嘎?) , he is best remembered for teaching the people flood control techniques to tame China"s rivers and lakes.

Yu"s father, Gun ( 茅虏搂 ) , was assigned by Yao ( 氓掳搂 ) to regulate the floods. Gun was so unsuccessful in his attempt that he was executed by the later ruler Shun ( 猫藛艙 ) . Recruited as a successor to his father, Yun ( 莽娄鹿 ) gathered the elder who had regulated the flood together with his father, and drew the conclusion about the former failure. The discussions between them illuminated Yu for controling the flood. Afer finishing many factual research, Yue then put a feasible method in action. He continued strengthening and buliding the dam, meanwhile dredged new river channels as outlets, which spent him a back-breaking thirteen years and some 20,000 workers in the task. As an influential result, nine main rivers had been dredged and then converged into the sea. From then on, the water system in that period had been improved sharply.

Yu is remembered as an example of perseverance and determination. He is revered as the perfect civil servant. Stories abound about his work in flood techniques taking such importance to him that he bypassed his house three times in thirteen years but never went in 芒鈧€?reasoning that a family reunion would take his time and mind away from the flood control problem.

According to historical texts, Yu died at Mount Kuaiji whilst on a hunting tour on the southern frontier of his empire, and was buried there, where a mausoleum was built in his honor. A number of emperors in imperial times have travelled there to perform ceremonies in his honour, notably Qin Shi Huang ( 莽搂娄氓搂鈥姑♀€?) . A temple, Dayu Ling ( 氓陇搂莽娄鹿茅鈩⒙?), has been built on the traditional site where the ceremonies are performed.

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