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Phrase & Stories
Chinese Proverbs6
12/03/2012 10:04:53    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2478

忙鈥斅┟德访♀€灻┞陈ッモ€︹€櫭ε撯€懊ㄅ嘎裁ヂ惼捗b偓鈥?pinyin: Z脟沤oq脟聬 de ni脟沤o er y脟鈥檜 ch脙鲁ng ch脛芦.)
"Early bird gets the worm."
Meaning: "Those who are diligent seize opportunities."

氓陇漏茅芦藴莽拧鈥∶ヂ嘎澝┞伮犆b偓鈥?pinyin:Ti脛聛n ga脜聧 hu脙隆ng d脙卢 yu脟沤n)
"The sky is high and the emperor is far away"--used as in carefree (lawlessness)
Meaning:The people is out of government/origination"s control, because the people are too far away.

氓颅聬忙鈥郝懊寂∶库€樏ㄢ偓鈥γ︹€毬γ寂捗┞伮犆ㄢ偓鈥γぢ锯€犆b偓鈥毭妓喢€撁久尖€?pinyin:Z脟聬 yu脛鈥? J脙卢n zh脛鈥?yu脙篓, yu脟沤n zh脛鈥?l脙隆i.)
芒鈧揗ake happy those who are near, and those who are far will come.芒鈧?BR>Confucius: near De Yue, far from making. (The Analects of Confucius)
It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness

氓楼陆盲潞鈥姑ヂづ∶Bb偓鈥?pinyin: H脟沤o sh脙卢 du脜聧 m脙鲁.)
Literally: Good things much polishment.
Meaning: Good things take time.

氓娄鈥毭ε九撁ぢ铰犆р€毬姑р€∑捗ぢ糕偓忙鈥澛ㄅ撀∶掆€好寂捗ぢ铰犆ぢ寂∶р€澛ㄅ撀∶b偓鈥?R脙潞gu脟鈥?n脟聬 di脟沤nr脙隆n y脛芦 zh脛芦 l脙聽zh脙潞, n脟聬 hu脙卢 y脙虏ng l脙聽)
Literally: If you light candle, you will use wax
Meaning: Be aware of the consequences of your actions

脗聽脗聽脗聽 * Alternate: 盲赂潞盲禄鈧ぢ顾喢р€毬姑р€∑捗ㄅ撀∶掆€好寂捗ヂ︹€毭ε九撁ぢ铰犆ぢ嘎嵜ぢ寂∶ぢ铰棵р€澛伮р€灺懊寂?(W脙篓ish脙漏me di脟沤nr脙隆n l脙聽zh脙潞, r脙潞gu脟鈥?n脟聬 b脙鹿 hu脙卢 sh脟聬y脙虏ng hu脟鈥檡脙聽n?)
脗聽脗聽脗聽 * Literally: Why light a candle if you will not use the flame?

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