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Phrase & Stories
Chinese Proverbs 5
12/03/2012 09:34:44    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2083

忙颅禄茅娄卢莽鈥⒙睹β绰幻┞β┾€犅?忙颅禄茅漏卢氓陆鈥溍β绰幻┞┞ヅ捖? (si ma dang huo ma yi)
脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Literally: Try to save the dead horse as if it is still alive
脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Meaning: Do the impossible, for it may truly be possible.

脗聽脗聽脗聽 猫娄鈥姑┞⒙解€懊ㄋ喡?猫搂聛茅拢沤猫陆卢猫藛碌) (jian feng zhuang duo)
脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Literally: See the wind, turn the rudder
脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽脗聽 Meaning: Has no self - personality so they follow the most powerful one

氓炉艗盲赂聧茅聛沤盲赂鈥懊ぢ宦?氓炉艗盲赂聧猫驴鈥∶ぢ糕€懊ぢ宦? (fu bu guo san dai)
Literally: Wealth does not pass three generations.
Meaning: It"s rare that the wealth of a family can last for three generations (the 2nd may see the value of hard work, but the 3rd forgets it).
Explanation: In business, the first generation works extremely hard, so that the second generation reaps the benefits. By the time the third generation arrives, the wealth is squandered.
Compare: the proverb of Lancashire, England: "Clogs to clogs in three generations: the first generation makes it [money/wealth], the second generation saves it and the third generation spends it!". In Victorian times, clogs were wooden soled working mens" shoes, commonly worn in the factories of Northern England.

盲赂鈥懊ヂ嵚伱ヂ孤疵β猜趁β澛泵ぢ糕€懊ヂ嵚伱ヂ孤疵β猜趁ヂ?盲赂鈥懊ヂ嵚伱ヂ孤疵β猜趁ぢ概撁ぢ糕€懊ヂ嵚伱ヂ孤疵β猜趁ヂ? (san shi nian he dong san shi nian he si)
Literally: Thirty years the east bank, thirty years the west bank.
Meaning: One"s luck and one"s destiny will change over time.

氓聧聛氓鹿麓茅垄篓忙掳麓猫录陋忙碌聛猫陆鈥?氓聧聛氓鹿麓茅拢沤忙掳麓猫陆庐忙碌聛猫陆卢) (shi nian feng shui lun liu zhuang)
Literally: Luck will change in 10 years.
Meaning: Luck will turn around every ten years.

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