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Daily Life
Boat Coffins
17/09/2011 02:49:55    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1781

Boat Coffins

The Boat Coffin was a funeral custom in ancient times. Usually a dead person was put into a coffin shaped like a boat. It was believed the dead would traverse the sea and return to their hometown. As a matter of fact, the coffin was not put into the river; it was hung on a cliff or buried in the ground where the ancestral temple was built.

Like the ancient suspended coffins,the boat coffins have aroused the interest of many people eager to explore its mystery. People believe it was a funeral custom of the ancient fishermen livingin Daning River Area. A black boat coffin was found on a cliff on the western bank of Dicui Gorge (one of the Three Little Gorges). The one found in Dicui Gorge is unique because of its natural environment.

On the left of the boat coffin, black and brown vines emerge from a crack inthe cliff wall. The tumble of vines resembles a fishing net. Fifty five yards to the left, a sixteen foot stalactite stands like a graybeard wearing a palm-barkrain cape and a bamboo hat. A tree root looking like the fishing net"s rope windsfrom the hand of graybeard. The graybeard seems to cast the net into the river.As there is a boat, a net, and the fisherman, local people call the place "Fishing Village". In fact, the area is quite rich in fish. What a coincidence.

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