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Daily Life
Zhou Dynasty costume design
15/03/2011 10:53:22    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1319

Zhou Dynasty costume design

In the Zhou Dynasty, as society changes, the development of productive forces, the textile industry came into being, the emergence of China and the United States of silk with floral patterns and colorful embroidery. People use it to produce clothing, so there have been Mianfu. "Yu Shu Yi virgatum" chapter in mind: "To be like the ancient concept, Japan, and, with multicolored stars ...... in the five-color Shih-Chang, Yu-ming services for." Mentioned here by five Shi color in clothes, that is, Chapter 12 paintings and embroidery patterns with the approach with Mianfu in, that at the time of the costumes are characteristic of the pattern has been. Chapter 12 from the pattern and symbolic expressions, these patterns did not discharge it at the time of the totem worship of psychology, at the same time, it also shows that not only has the totem worship only as a decorative design costumes, and has been able to use the Kind of natural objects to decorate their own patterns, showing the people"s aesthetic sense of slave society. However, this community has a sense of aesthetic limitations, mainly for his master and slave on the difference between the level. In other words, these patterns of the ruling class as the class division, so that is good natural objects cast a deep color class. For example, the emperor can enjoy the clothing patterns Chapter 12; leaders from the gun and under the dragon embroidery to Fu, who served species, fire, Fu Jia rice powder. In this we see that this period of dress patterns in the design of the attention on the performance of art as a cultural expression, shows that people"s aesthetic consciousness has been greatly improved.


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