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Daily Life
Warring States period costume design
15/03/2011 10:50:03    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1697

Warring States period costume design

Warring States period in ancient China is a major social transformation in the ideological field, hundreds of Feng Qi, thinkers contend that the concept of social thought and more active than ever before. At this time of the artifacts have been greatly decorative patterns of change: the cautious guarded Taotie Wen, Pan Wen Chi given way to lively and imaginative, dynamic human subjects, in the strict dress design has become a stretch.

From the Warring States period costume design, a lot of graphics is not the natural object of the painted directly, instead of using the natural changes in the patterns of the object. This shows that people in the design of the design by adding their own subjective sense of aesthetic, idealistic things up more. This is not only to show people"s aesthetic taste improvement, but also to make clothing patterns with the higher value of art appreciation. Things have happened to any one, and gradually improve the development process. Warring States period costumes from the design has gone through to the Shang-week course of development so that the clothing designs in the form of design to achieve a higher level. It also changed the beginning of strict delicate design, to the pursuit of a generous and lively forms of artistic expression. Costumes by Qin Wadang art design, art began to pay attention to the overall image, rather than rigidly adhere to detail and partial characterization. In dealing with art, for more than a small victory, in order to bring false actually, the general shape realistic way to compare the performance of the kind of simple beauty Hou. This style of the time and the ups and downs of people"s thinking is inseparable from the active, which shows that cultural progress is bound to the performance of the material. If it is said that prior to the Warring States period costume design is characterized by strict planning, then the reunification of the Qin Dynasty after the clothing patterns are clear, generous, lively, imaginative performance to life.


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