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Daily Life
Shang clothing design
15/03/2011 10:22:41    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1240

Fashion design from the life of clothing patterns formed in the mindset of the people, so as to the origin of life and the formation of the concept of clothing design, is also a natural with the social progress and people"s concept of continuous improvement and development, along with The development of society and development.

Shang clothing design

China"s clothing patterns for thousands of years has gone through the course of development, has a long history. According to the original costume design study shows that there is written the Shang Dynasty. At that time, dressed in his master"s mine is a japonica clothing. The main decorative patterns in the clothing of the neckline, cuffs, breast, lap, and so on the edges Kujiao and on the belt; expression of regulations is mainly to the japonica, diamond-shaped pattern, Yunlei Wen, and is second in a row to the form of composition The show. This shows that, when our ancestors not only the original design produced a pattern of the more fit of the clothing, but also be able to use the skills in designing clothes for performance of the decoration. So far, the two sides in a row in the form of composition is still widely used in clothing design, at the same time, in other design in not uncommon. From slave society to feudal society, the decorative patterns of clothing items, mainly from the shape of the animal"s sense of pleasure to be inspired, but not strong subjective, is a natural reproduction of the object. Patterns in the performance of apparel, mainly to Yunlei Wen, back japonica, mainly geometric patterns. Patterns of use than in the bronze on the use of much more to Qiao. The slave on the bronze Yunlei Wen Shading is emerging as the main pattern Shoumian Wen is mainly in the apparel Yunlei Wen is the main pattern is emerging.

With the development of society, people"s patterns of performance in the pursuit of a subjective sense of awareness is such a totem of the budding sense. At that time, some of the people as animal totem worship of objects (such as birds, fish, tiger and so on), its first in the patterns used by the people of artifacts (with wine, dinner, daily) show, but quickly reflected in the costumes on . In the Shang Dynasty, men and women used a variety of jade ornaments, Mao Shi, fifteen-years-old Dental also have this blot.


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