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Daily Life
Famous Ruthless Women in China - Lu Zhi
28/02/2011 06:49:34    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 13782

Famous Ruthless Women in China - Lu Zhi

Empresses Lu Zhi was one of the first women to intervene in Chinese politics. During her life from 241 BC to 180 BC she managed to rise to the position of regent to the emperor, monopolizing all power in the court. Historians portray her as a power hungry woman who would do anything to get what she wanted however evidence showed that she was devoted to her husband and china.

Lu Zhi came from a wealthy family and when she was young she met minor official named Liu Bang. Liu Bang had a lower status that Lu Zhi but Lu Zhi saw the potential of this man and convince her father to allow her to marry him.

When the Qin dynasty was collapsing Liu Bang managed to create a new dynasty named the Han dynasty; with him as the Emperor, so proving Lu Zhi correct in her assessment of her husband character.

She gave her husband a son named Hui whose succession was always in jeopardy because of his kind but weak nature, which his father Liu Bang disagreed with. Liu Bang never managed to change his successor because Lu Zhi always blocked the attempts.

Lu Zhi build up enormous power as her husband had to leave the capital city to put down rebellions. Her Husband left her in control of the capital Chang an, which she managed in commendable way, showing her ruthlessness and efficiency in administration tasks.
The real acts of ruthless that history has recorded happened later during her life. After the country was under the dynasty control she convinced her husband to execute Han Xin. Han Xin was the Grand Marshal of the Han dynasty who had helped Liu Bang create the new Han dynasty by great deeds and sacrifice.

When Liu Bang died Empress Lu Zhi first targets were Liu Bang芒鈧劉s favor concubine and their son, Consort Qi and Ruyi. Consort Qi displeased Lu zhi because of her attempts to place Ruyi as crown prince instead of Hui. She imprisoned Consort Qi and forced her to do hard labor in the rice fields while she sent for Ruyi to come to the court so she could assassinate him. Lu Zhi芒鈧劉s son came to the rescue of Ruyi and protect him from his mother for several months before Lu Zhi sent an assassin to pour poison down the young prince芒鈧劉s throat.

Once Ruyi was dead Empress Lu Zhi further tortured the Concubine Qi by cutting her hands and feet, gouging out her eyes and making her deaf and dumb by terrible methods, then forcing her to live in a toilet. When Empress Lu Zhi son saw this is was so stunned and shocked by his mother that he withdrew from governing allowing his mother to continuing monopolizing power.

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