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Daily Life
The Status of Women in Song Dyansty
14/12/2010 06:23:07    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1067

The Status of Women in Song Dyansty

Girls left their families when they married. So long as they gave birth to sons, they would eventually gain a respected place in their family of marriage, and would be treated as ancestors by their sons and sons芒鈧劉 sons. Mothers and grandmothers had important and respected places in their families.

The Song is often seen as a time when the status of women declined. Compared to Tang times, women were less active in politics and less commonly seen on the streets. Song Confucian teachers argued against widows remarrying, and footbinding began in Song times. On the other hand, women芒鈧劉s rights to property were relatively secure in Song times, and older women were often very powerful within their families.

Li Qingzhao (1084-ca. 1151) is a famous Chinese poet who wrote during the Song. She wrote poetry in a new form that had become popular at the time, with irregular lines that were inspired by musical lyrics.


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