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Daily Life
Explore Common People's Life in Beijing1
24/06/2010 04:49:41    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 866

Explore Common People"s Life in Beijing


Ancient City Wall Ruins

The Ming City Wall first built over 580 years ago in 1419 or the 17th year of Emperor Yongle"s reign in the Ming Dynasty used to run about 40 kilometers. The remaining relic which is about 1.5 kilometers long used to be part of the inner city wall of Beijing. It is the longest section of the city wall remains in the city and an important symbol of Beijing.


Lama Temple

The Lama Temple (Yonghe Gong) is a famous lamasery located in the northeastern part of the old city of Beijing. It was a palatial residence built in 1694 by Qing Emperor Kangxi for his fourth son Prince Yongzheng who later succeeded to the throne. This magnificent temple consists of five main buildings lying on the?north-south axis with annex halls standing on both sides. The temple is listed by the Chinese Government as one of the important historical monuments under special preservation. After the death of his father Emperor Yongzheng moved to the Forbidden City. The compound was closed to ordinary people and was renamed yonghegong (the Palace of Harmony). Green roof tiles were replaced by yellow ones to suit a monarch"s home. In 1744 his successor Emperor Qianlong converted the palace into a lamasery.



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