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Daily Life
Chinese Folk Toys - 9 serial
25/01/2010 02:27:23    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 843

Chinese Folk Toys - 9 serial

The Chinese folk toy nine interlocking rings, stems from the Warring States period, makes 9 rings by the tinsel, the ring coverall on the cross member or various types frame, and passes through handles(( sees nine interlocking rings chart and material object). When plays, operates repeatedly according to certain procedure, may cause 9 rings to untie separately, or combines into one. Nine interlocking rings popular extremely broad, various, the specification varies. End of cold season series outside, but also has the similar snake link, the basket of flowers link, 13 links and so on, usually is also called the nine interlocking rings. Especially the nine interlocking rings solution, may use in the wireless communication which unexpectedly (Frank Gray) invents with American mathematician franker Grey the cyclic code corresponding strictly, was containing the modern technology principle in the ancient times toy, this had no alternative but to cause the human to exclaim in surprise the nine interlocking rings the decomposition, united the procedure was helpful in inspires peoples wisdom, had the strong interest, the depth the child and senior citizens affection.

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