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Daily Life
shanghai topic-- shanghai girls
29/12/2009 00:24:48    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1039

shanghai topic-- shanghai girls  


If all the women in the country could choose where to be reincarnated, the majority of them would be born again in Shanghai, because the women here are the most desired.
In Taiwanese writer Lan Huai"en"s view, Shanghai women are fated to hold this position. Historically, Shanghai"s light industry has been highly-developed, creating many work opportunities and basically, women"s position in society and the household is determined by economic power. Also, as soon as they became able to plan their families, they stopped being a tool for giving birth. These social conditions invisibly raised the status of women.
Previously, Shanghai was a place of trade ("a comprador culture"). This meant men couldn"t be fighters, so Shanghai men are relatively soft and kind. Add in the influence of western colonists, the gradual influence of western culture and the concept of respect for women becomes stronger - not only respect for women"s worth, but also a profound solicitude, which gives women the power to be their own masters.

This is shown in statistics from the Women"s Federation. Women initiate most divorce cases in Shanghai. In this, the extent of womens emotional, economic and social power can be seen in one glance.

You can only be this popular because of beauty. This is local female writer Mianmian"s opinion. "Beauty" is not just in appearance, but also in a superior and delicate temprement, along with suitable attire. There are many places in China that produce beautiful women, but because of economic conditions, many can"t keep them. Shanghai women themselves are beautiful, and with the influx of women from all over the country, this has naturally become a gathering palce for beautiful women. Moreover, women"s beauty is a powerful tool in relations between the sexes - after all, the majority of men won"t get angry with a beautiful woman.

Shanghai women are also the ones who understand men best. They know how to get along with men, they won"t be soft when they should be hard and when they should be kind they will be soft to the bones. This leaves men with no option but to go along with them.

Wang Yourong, a Taiwanese working in Shanghai, sighs "Women in Shanghai are so lucky compared to those in Taiwan. The burden Taiwanese women shoulder is relatively heavy, they often raise a number of children and after marriage all of their social life is through the household, and they can even become the recepient of their husbands temper (domestic violence is a serious problem)". Almost all Shanghai women have one child (if they have any) and young women here are relatively independent and individualistic. They earn it themselves, they spend it themselves, and they aren"t going to take it home and share it. "I won"t do housework" is the common call of Shanghai women. Their reason is this - if the household has money, then get someone else to do it. If the household doesn"t have money, it"s because the man of the house can"t earn it, and he can do the housework to make up for it.

After 10 years working in Shanghai, Wang Yourong"s feeling is: Whether male or female, everyone here puts money first. He really admires the "measure" that Shanghai women keep in their hearts. Facing love, they can immediately measure the mans income and position and other important data. He thinks the greatest changes in Shanghai women over the last 10 years are shown on the outside. For example, you won"t see women wearing knee-length socks with high heels any more. The youth fashion keeps in step with world fashion, but in this there is a lack of thought, particularly with some beautiful young women, who forget to improve their own self-possession (this is a tricky one to translate, it carries a meaning of "right action in social relationships) because of beauty.


It"s definitely a good idea to collect background information about the areas that your clients are visiting. It surely helps to build the bond between you and your guests if you can present to them not only local history, climate, culture but also something special. Something they won"t hear from someone else. This topic of the roles that women in Shanghai play will definitely attract the attention of those who have few knowledge about the women in Shanghai. It might be a good idea  to review with your audience the traditional roles that women play in China so that they can have a round picture of the women in China. Lastly, happy valentines day  to all the women and men.
Thanks for the good idea from happylins.Actually I have many interesting topics about shanghai .i.e.shanghai women,shanghai peopleVS beijing people,learning English in China(together with jokes),how Chinese people send presents to maintain "Guanxi",several hot jobs in China such as "goverment emplyee",Chinese people"s idea about spending money is Changing -- from"saving money till old"to "spend the money of tomorrow"......


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