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Daily Life
Husband -dog post80s
31/05/2009 10:11:27    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 981


In recent years, there exists an interesting concept among post-80 wives: My post-80 husband, I wish you"d be better than my pet dog. Why do the post-80 wives stand on such strange point to the post-80 husbands? In order to make it clear, I have spent a lot on seeking and reflecting related materials. Frankly speaking, while gaining more information on this point, I become more firmly insist on "My post-80 husband, I wish you"d better than my pet dog". Now I"d like to share my comprehensions here.

Firstly, a pet dog would be more competent to be a companion than a post-80 husband in the family. This is because the pet dog could always get along with us young wives unless we drive it away. How about a post-80 husband? He is always involved with numerous of dinner parties and unfinished business. It"s quite natural thing for you to see your post-80 husband once a week. Worse still, some post-80 husbands would rather drink outside than have a walk with their wives. Not to be surprised, most of the time the pet dog has been taken up post-80 husband"s position in the family. In post-80 wives" eyes, the pet dog is the most patient and cheerful companion. It does not turn its back upon us in times of distress or adversity. It always receives a wife with the same gentleness and warm: amusing and listening to a wife in happiness, and comforting and consoling a wife in blue. At this time, compared to a post-80 husband, I would choose a pet dog as my partner all alike.

Secondly, a post-80 husband is much less loyalty in a family. All of this means, in general, women enter marriage prepared for the role of family manager, while men arrive with less responsibility of the importance of a family. It"s unbearable that the post-80 husband is rushing in and out of marriage in the family. In his mind, real love is all about passion. Marriage is dead once the passion is gone, let alone he would cherish the ever-sincerely vows. At this moment, loyalty was just one passing cloud in the sky, leaving nothing. This is also one leading reason why so many young wives prefer to keep one pet dog. Such animal"s loyalty is above suspicion. He would keep owner"s kindness in mind all the time, and never desert his owner"s heart, not to mention that he will find the other sweetheart outside. More importantly, a pet dog is a truer and higher patron saint of the family with which young wife can think, feel and sympathize. Therefore, as to these young wives, they live in a pet dog together, and the pet dog in them. What a pity! It"s rather difficult to find this feeling from a post-80 husband. Obviously, the young wife frequently complains:"My post-80 husband, I wish you"d better than my pet dog."

Last but not least, the post-80 husbands are more likely than the pet dogs to emphasize their need for space, for individuality and the right to "do you own thing", such as my elder cousin. He is typically post-80 husband, who is addicted to night life, smoking and alcohol. Even becoming father, he could not get rid of them at all. It is strange that such a man should often express voluble protests:"This is just my own business. And everybody has right to decide what he want." Thus, my cousin-in-law would be grumbling:"If it had another chance, I would rather choose a pet dog as my husband, but not a post-80 man."

Truly, a best pet dog is treasure of family, which is remembered and cherished, becomes the constant companion, comforter and patron saint. "I would never feel aggressive to my pet dog, I am accompanied by a sincerely soul." One young wife said. What is sure to be the matter: a pet dog is better than a post-80 husband in modern women"s mind. The key point is that the performance of post-80 husband in a family is completely hard to be acceptable. If the post-80 husbands still expect to set up the perfect images in family life, perhaps they"d better turn to learn from a pet dog in a family.

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