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Daily Life
Mini Stories (1)
29/12/2008 00:54:31    Author : Yu    Browse : 993
By Long Wei
I have watched this man destroying this pylon, helped only by his hands, a hammer and two ropes. It was in Zhong Dian, a remote city in the north west of Yunnan at 3500m high. The old town was renewed and I guess it"s even finished now. The old Tibetan buildings are rebuilt, sometimes from scratch and next summer, thousands of tourists will have the chance to visit this "new" old town.

 By Ricardo Lopes
I particularly like the woman in red looking over the shoulder of the man in front to read his newspaper and the other one in the centre that looks like she"s praying, looking up. I don"t know what"s happening in the sky - the blurred couple in the back is also looking up. On this occasion people were actually being amazingly orderly: cutting line in China is both ordinary and well accepted. The western concepts that the line order is sacred and never ever to be disrespected does not exist here.

I loved China and a big reason for it, was the cultural shock. Particularly, the ways of the people are radically different from any place I隆炉ve ever been to. For this reason I decided to post a series of photos from Chinese people. They never seemed to mind being photo graphed, which made it really easy. In fact, they also took photos from me and my wife.
By Sal Mills
Whilst passing through the three gorges dam we encountered this boat. The men on the boat seemed very happy to see us tourists! I like this photo as i think it represents one aspect of China"s vast industrious side.

By Isaac Zilinsky
Some lucky kid can go to school other have to work from young age....

By Ricardo Duarte
This is an old building of Shanghai, what was a fancy complex (several houses of the same kind) where probably foreigners lived in the beginning of the century.

Those glory times for such buildings went already, after it came the space management with Communism, several families could now share the space that once only one used. Just count the mail boxes at the door, an old kind probably replaced by the ones we can have a glance inside the door.

We can imagine this same house 50 years ago, with these same old mailboxes, with these same bicycles at the door, with this same open door...

Of course it would be better to include someone near, some old person that moved here when young... It would be great, but those same old people were more interested in looking at me taking the photo of the door of their building, probably wondering why I am taking a photo of such old building.
By Thanh Nguyen
The terraced fields at Laohuzui near Yuanyang changed their colours accordingly to the direction and height of sun against your point of view. If you were not here to witness by your own eyes, you would not believe it.

By geof worrall
The tea harvest.  Continual and delicate requires the hands of a woman to only take the correct leaf.

By yuval naaman
It uses to be a regular hill in north Guangxi. Man have to destroy everything and make a simple hill to a flat land for growing rice. That is the view all over ping-an village.
By Thanh Nguyen
Two Yi people are working out their own best deal at animal market in Yuanyang, Yunnan, China.
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