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Daily Life
Puppet Show
28/12/2008 02:15:19    Author : Mingfang Hg    Browse : 922
Have you ever seen Puppet show? In china, there are many theatric entertainments around this country. Besides Peking opera the notional opera, there still are many local operas forms exist. Even Puppet show are also very different.  There are Sanxi shadow play, Linggao man and puppet show, etc. I will do another series to show an old art form: Puppet. show. Actually I do not know art at all, but I suddenly found I have taken many pictures of it during these years.

Puppet show is popular in the village of Southern china. It not only to celebrate the holiday but also to pray for blessing. Actually, most of dances were first created to pray for blessing, but puppet show is very original until now. Puppet show is performed here by amateurish troupe whose performers are farmer themselves.

Villagers often invite amateurish troupes to play their favorite puppet show during the Chinese New Year.

For most of its genres, performers always stand behind the screen controlling puppets,
but the puppet show in Lingao country, Hainan province, is an exception. with performers playing puppets on the stage, the man-and -puppet show in Lingao has been popular as a major entertainment  among local people.

This photo looks like in wonderland, Maybe it hardly to understand, but it is the above all in the puppet show performance. My friend asked me why i always take those pictures seem far away from our life.

Indeed, their life looks without any contacting with us, but it is also a life. Offering incense burner, inviting the poppet show to pray for good luck, that隆炉s the distant villagers隆炉 big desire that just as us getting a spirit from TE.

Amateurish puppet show performance is seasonal. The busiest days are from the first to fourth month by the Chinese lunar calendar. During the fifth and sixth lunar month, amateurs go back home to do farming works.

In the days when the villager worship their ancestors also the time that the amateurs
enjoy their music.

This is the last one of the puppet show. It looks no any conacting with the puppet show, but it did. The small house is the ancestral altar of  the villagers that faced the stage. Before the performance began, villagers knelt down before the altar and prayed for blessings and the kids would sit on the ground all the time for waiting for the performance.

I always talk to myself "be patience!" after this one and this one... it will be OK! I wish i could do some modern series, i wish... but when i live in city i miss rurality, when i live in raral area i will long for to urban... That we are human being.


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