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Daily Life
Kids in China
27/12/2008 01:27:19    Author : China Pictures.org    Browse : 1002

Curious, shy and cool


Let me be the first.

Village girl in the northern China

Young pioneer, Yunnan

Happy Kids, Tibet

We are brothers!

Skating Girl, Harbin

Young TIbetan Lamas

So, what your point?

Little Dancers, Yunnan

Hurry up, we are going!

Look at my lollipop.

Are you coming?

Children Performance, Huangshan

Intricately Dressed-up Children, Guizhou

Traditional Children"s Game

Young Host

Flowery Minority Children, Guizhou

Village Students in Yulin, Shaaxi

So hard to decide.

Delighted children on Lantern Festival

Football Match, Western Tibet

Uigur Girl, Kashgar

Is this my best side?

Musician, Tibet

Martial Art Performer, Xi"an


















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