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Daily Life
Heavy Rain and Hail
14/12/2008 03:31:22    Author : Zhuo Ma and Yu    Browse : 837

On 7th August, 2008 in a small county of China, with a huge flash, the whole town was enveloped by darkness! Then came the heavy rain and hail.

Hail was attacking a corner of the county.


Hail along with heavy rain poured down the ground floor. A misty street! But it can be seen the water here was very deep!

 After the rain, people grasping the hail from the ground -they has become a little bit smaller.

Mud occupying the school compound
Heavily striking of Hail made sunroof look like  a honeycomb.
It was very difficult for people and traffics to move on the high road of the county.
Working together to resist the invasion of muddy water

The town, after the hail

Although the white hail could be seen clearly on the roof, a beautiful rainbow was across the sky of the county, which indicated an auspicious future.

Hopefully, this time through the hail of baptism, the people of the county was able to be aware of the importance of environmental protection and the importance of public morality. Only human and nature staying in harmony, can we have a better life!  
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