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Daily Life
A Mountain Village School Teacher
30/11/2008 23:51:35    Author : Wu Meng & Yu    Browse : 850
e have been concerned about the poor children of mountain areas. In fact, we should pay much more attention to village teachers as teachers are fundamental of education. If there is no change of the pay and living condition of teachers, the development of the village education is impossible. When village volunteers are no longer required it is a really blessing to kids in mountains and a blessing to village education.

This is a secondary school in a deep mountain area. Since 1998 this remote village school has received several batches of volunteers. Volunteer was once the banner of this village school.

But in fact, he and other village teachers he represents are the backbone of the village education. He is teacher Zhao, cooperating with me in this village school for three years. Behind his own home he ploughed a piece of wail land, planting corn and some vegetables on it. Smiling on his face, it seems that he"s suffering. He is a seriously stubborn village teacher.

Cooperating with him for three years, this is the scene I have seen the most regularly隆陋it is not a cup of tea instead, a cup of traditional Chinese medicine. He has been suffering from a splenomegaly disease for many years. When having a lecture, he feels too pain to tolerate, so he often has to lean his belly on the table edge tightly to relieve the pain. In past three years, the thick medicine smell has been floating over the campus-all school kids are aware of teacher Zhao隆炉s illness.

This is the teacher Zhao"s "home", a school classroom. In this school the vast majority of teachers are living in the classroom. Zhao"s wife has a stall selling potato strings and steamed bread at the school gate. Recently the county ordered teachers must move out of the classroom, so teacher Zhao decided to use all his savings to build a two room house in a small town. Teaching for twenty years, he has not built his own house, yet.

Zhao uses to have breakfast after the first class. He always eats standing up, because there the following classes waiting for him. Because of the poor health, he "only" teaches two classes of Chinese literature and manages one class. This extremely serious teacher, although seriously ill, as long as into the classroom, his voice is always sonorous-people do not feel his pain.

Each morning teacher Zhao shoulders stove and potatoes to the school gate and help his wife set up the stall. While suffering from illness and poverty of life, but teacher Zhao"s character is very optimistic and extroverted. To get along with him for three years, we have very harmonious relationship. Our lark and slapstick are also a very important resource of this village school.

We had seen on the television screen a volunteer to visit school kids隆炉 home. In fact, almost every week teacher Zhao sets off and walks on the rugged hill road to dissuade kids from stopping learning, although most of these operations are failed.


However, as long as there is any kid not coming, teachers Zhao will go to the village at the first time. It is not an easy task for teacher Zhao to conduct home visiting, as walking on bumpy hill road for a long time will result in his abdominal pain.

I often go with teacher Zhao to visit school kids隆炉 home as teaching a same class. I often see this kind of her face as well- abdominal pain from time to time leads sweat from his forehead. A mountain village teacher may not have resounding achievement, but I can recognise the teacher"s responsibility and conscience from his simple action.

One day, teacher Zhao heard that the best girl in his class is going to Shenzhen to work. Along with me, teacher Zhao took a flashlight and ran to the village, and finally stopped the girl on the halfway. Nearly ten kilometres mountain road was not an easy thing- every time the Road bumped along the way, it would trigger a sharp pain in his abdomen. On the way back, Zhao could not support himself and finally, he squatted and groaned painfully. At that moment trough the dim light of the flashlight, I saw teacher Zhaos sweat effusion on his forehead and his fatigue face, the inner realm of a village teacher as well.
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