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Daily Life
Beijing People's Art Theatre
13/11/2012 03:00:40    Author : kathyby66@gmai.com    Browse : 3623

Beijing People's Art Theatre

Founded on June 12th 1952 with Dramatist Cao Yu as its first president, Beijing People"s Art Theatre is a national theatre company with unique art style. Ever since its establishment, the theatre has put on more than 300 productions of diverse styles, home and abroad.

From 1950s to 1960s, the theatre built its reputation on stage works of literature giants as Guo Moruo, Lao She, Cao Yu and Tian Han. Representative productions include Tiger Tally, Cai Wenji, Wu Zetian, The Dragon Whisker"s Ditch, Rickshaw Man Xiangzi, Teahouse, Thunderstorm, The Sunrise, Peking Man and Guan Hanqing, and foreign plays like The Miser, Aesop, People with Gun, Even the Wise Stumble etc. From late 60s, the renowned theatre artist Jiao Juyin had trained a large group of artists such as Yu Shizhi, Diao Guangtan, Zhu Lin, Tong Chao when he was the general director of the theatre.

Since 1980s the theatre has staged more than a hundred new productions with the emerging of a group of excellent artists of young generation. Among these productions many last long time on stage and gained national awards including en Hua Award? ive-one Best Works Award olden Chrysanthemum Award and iterature and Art Works Award The list includes Wang Zhaojun, Warning Signals, Xiao Jing Hutong, Weddings and Funerals, Uncle Doggie"s Nirvana, Top Restaurant, Li Bai, Birds Men, Ga Lan Hutong, Beijing Masters, Love Fool, First-Time Close Contact, Myriad Twinkling Lights, South Courtyard on Northern Street, I Love Peach Blossom, The Bless of the Family and foreign plays like DerBesuch Der Alton Dame, Amadeus, The Death of a Salesman, The Gin Game, The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, The Butcher, The Late Christopher Bean and so on.
In 1980, Teahouses tour in Germany, France and Switzerland incept the abroad acceptance of Chinese spoken drama. After this, Wang Zhaojun, Teahouse, Top Restaurant, The Death of a Salesman, Uncle Doggie"s Nirvana, Birds Men, Ruan Lingyu, Antiques and Wuchang Nvdiao toured in America, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Egypt, Ireland, Hong Kong and Macao took the same journey.

Based on its explorations and aesthetics, in the past half century, the company has established its celebrated style combines realism with emphasis on culture identity, i.e. performing school of Beijing People's Art Theatre.

The company has its own stages including three theatre spaces: the Capital theatre, the Mini theatre and the Experiment theatre. The subsidiary production center has a professional team working on settings, costumes and props both for the company's production and other companies.

The first one in China, the 1,300 square meters Theatre Museum of Beijing People"s Art located at the fourth floor of The Capital theatre opened to the public at the beginning of 2007. The museum functions well for research, education and exhibition with its rich collection of pictures, scripts, prop models and properties. Meanwhile it shows the history of Beijing People"s Art Theatre itself with the traces of its heroes, productions and precious relationship between the company and its audience crystallized and embodied by its historical material.

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