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Daily Life
Dragon Boat Festival Customs 4
16/07/2012 05:29:45    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1655

Inserting Acorus and Artemisia on Doors or Windows

There is an old saying, 芒鈧揑nserting willow branches in Qingming Festival and inserting the Acorus and Artemisia in Duanwu Festival.芒鈧?On Dragon Boat Day, people often put Acorus and Artemisia leaves on their doors and windows to repel insects, flies, fleas, and moths from the house. These leaves have an antipoison function and can prevent epidemics. Women often turned the glossy, evergreen, and lush Acorus leaves into floral hoops to wear.

During ancient times, the Dragon Boat Festival was also a 芒鈧揾ealth festival,芒鈧?a time when people cleaned yards, hung Acorus and Artemisia leaves on their doors and windows, and drank Realgar wine to stay healthy. Also on this day, some climbed mountains in search of Chinese medicines.


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