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Daily Life
Groom Receives Gold Rings at His Wedding
13/02/2012 04:03:10    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2059


Groom Receives Gold Rings During the Tea Ceremony at His Wedding

Gold rings are given to the groom and his bride at the Chinese Tea Ceremony that takes place on the day of their wedding. They will receive some gold rings and gifts of money, firstly at the home of the bride when the groom goes to fetch her, and then later they will receive some gold rings and gifts of money when they both attend the Tea Ceremony at the groom"s home. These gifts of gold rings and gold necklaces are given by parents, senior family members, and senior family friends. The usual gifts from guests is "fun bao", gifts of money, and these money gifts are recieved by two special friends of the family, at the wedding banquet. The gifts are recorded in a book, and the guests are invited to write their names on a red silk cloth; both the book and the cloth are kept by the bride and groom.

The giving of gold rings to the groom and his bride on their wedding day is part of the Chinese Tea Ceremony ritual in the western world. The bride is sometimes given gold necklaces instead of gold rings, and in Vietnamese rituals the bride may be given gold ear-rings. Usually it is the parents, uncles and aunts, and old family friends who give the gold rings, other guests at the wedding would give Fun Bao (gifts of money).


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