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Farmer Paintings--The Places
03/05/2011 14:05:49    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1182

Farmer Paintings--The Places

Farmer paintings are decorative paintings and printed pictures created by farmers. Traditional farmer paintings include farmers" self-printed paper horses, door paintings, god images and auspicious pictures drawn in places like the end of a kang (a heatable brick bed in North China), kitchen ranges and gable walls etc.

In recent years, farmers in some areas began to draw rustic pictures on paper. These works are much loved by rural and urban people alike thanks to their unique and simple aesthetic style. They also attracted attention from abroad.

The best known rural art community is today in the่„—่ฝ in Huxian and Ansai Counties of Shaanxi province. Other well-known centers are in Jinshan County near Shanghai and Pizhou and Liuhe of Jiangsu. Today, there are more than 40 government recognized farmers painters communities, organized in different artists associations on county, provincial and national level. The Chinese state has promoted these activities and supports them with funds and by providing art training.


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