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Shengzhou Bamboo Weaving
14/09/2010 02:50:50    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1765

Shengzhou Bamboo Weaving

Shengzhou, the "home of bamboo" is located in the east of Zhejiang Province, adjoiningShaoxing and Ningbo. It is rich in bamboo resources. As early as theWarring States Periodabout 2000 years ago, Shengzhou people used all kinds of bamboos to weave various baskets. The bamboo weaving gradually turned into a folk handicraft.

The Shengzhou Craft Bamboo Weaving Factory enjoys a reputation of being the best in the world at weaving bamboo. Its technological level, product quality, production capacity and equipment are the best in the country. In 1995, Shengzhou was named "Home of Bamboo Weaving in China" by the State.

Shengzhou bamboo handicrafts fall into 12 categories, namely, baskets, pans, pots, boxes, bottles, screens, animals, human figures, buildings, furniture, lamps and utensils, with over 7,000 designs. The bamboo is woven into artwork, home decorations and articles for daily use, such as baskets. There are dozens of steps in making something out of bamboo. Thinning the bamboo strips alone includes sawing, reeling, cutting, slicing, ripping, and scraping. Weaving is even more complicated with more than a hundred methods.

Craftsmen make baskets, pans, trays, and pots in the form of animals, creating hundreds of animal-shaped utensils such as goose-shaped baskets, duck-shaped pans, and chicken-shaped pots.

"Six Steeds in Zhao Mausoleum" a woven bamboo screen 8.22 meters long, 2.35 meters high and 0.68 meters thick, took 10,000 workdays to complete and is the largest woven bamboo art piece in China.

Shengzhou woven bamboo pieces are popular with customers at home and abroad. Former president Jimmy Carter praised the piece "Sea Vulture with White Tail" and former Chinese presidentJiang Zeminpraised the piece "A Galloping Horse".

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