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Art, Calligraphy, Music and Culture of Emperor Huizong of Song
25/08/2012 07:03:04    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 3134

Art, Calligraphy, Music and Culture of Emperor Huizong of Song

Huizong was a great painter, poet, and calligrapher. He was also a player of the guqin (as exemplified by his famous painting 氓聬卢莽聬麓氓鈥郝?Listening to the Qin); he also had a Wanqin Tang 盲赂鈥∶惵疵ヂ犫€?("10,000 Qin Hall") in his palace.

Huizong took huge efforts to search for art masters. He established the "Han Lin Hua Yuan" 莽驴掳忙啪鈥斆р€澛幻┾劉垄 ("Han Lin imperial painting house") where top painters around China share their best works.

The primary subjects of his paintings are birds and flowers. Among is works is Five-Colored Parakeet on Blossoming Apricot Tree. He also recopied Zhang Xuan"s painting Court Ladies Preparing Newly-Woven Silk, and Emperor Huizong"s reproduction is the only copy of that painting that survives today.

He invented the "Slender Gold" (莽藴娄茅鈥♀€樏ぢ解€? style of calligraphy. The name "Slender Gold" came from the fact that Huizong"s writing resembled gold filament, twisted and turned.

His era name of Xuanhe is also used to describe a style of mounting paintings in scroll format. In this style, black borders are added between some of the silk planes.

In 1114, following a request from Emperor Yejong of the Korean court of Goryeo, Huizong sent to the palace in the Goryeo capital at Gaeseong a set of musical instruments to be used for royal banquet music. Two years later, in 1116, he sent another, even larger gift of musical instruments (numbering 428 in total) to the Korean court, this time yayue instruments, beginning that nation"s tradition of aak.

Huizong was also a great tea enthusiast. He himself wrote the famous Treatise on Tea, the most detailed and masterful description of the Song dynasty sophisticated style of tea ceremony.

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