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Weng Tonghe of Qing Dyansty
06/04/2012 04:19:31    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1784

Qing Dynasty, Weng Tonghe (1830-1904) Calligraphy Gallery

Weng Tonghe (莽驴聛氓聬艗茅戮垄, 1830芒鈧€?904, Styled Shuping 氓聫鈥澝ヂ孤? was a Chinese Confucian scholar and imperial tutor during the Qing dynasty. (Born Changshu, Jiangsu Province, 19 May 1830; d 3 July 1904). Chinese calligrapher, writer and official.

In 1856, he was awarded the highest degree in the imperial examinations and he subsequently became a member of the prestigious Hanlin Academy. When the Tongzhi Emperor was a minor, Weng was appointed imperial tutor and after the demise of the emperor, he became tutor of the Guangxu emperor as well. Concurrently with his duties as imperial tutor, he also held a number of prominent positions in the Qing government and he served on the Grand Council 1882-84. He is famous for having recommended the radical Confucian reformer Kang Youwei to the Guangxu emperor. He was subsequently removed from all offices because the Empress Dowager Cixi feared losing her power.

He came first in the national examinations, the third stage in the civil service examinations, to receive his jinshi degree in 1856. He was tutor to the Tongzhi emperor (reg 1862-74) and then to the Guangxu emperor (reg1875-1908); at the same time he held various other positions in the Qing (1644-1911) government. Because of his involvement in the short-lived reform movement of 1898, Weng was stripped of his ranks and sent home that same year.


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