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Nations & Customs
Dragon Boat Festival Customs 9
16/07/2012 05:45:10    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1555

Jiangsu Province

On the Dragon Boat Festival, people in Jiading County, both rich and poor, buy and cook drumfish. In Yizheng County, there is an old saying: 芒鈧揚awn trousers to buy drumfish.芒鈧?In Nanjing, each family adds a little realgar and two goose-eyed coins to a bowl of clean water, and then washes their eyes with that water to prevent eye disease throughout the year. In Wujin County, people hold dragon boat races at night, with a small lantern hanging on the four corners of each boat. The sound of Xiao (a Chinese bamboo flute) and drum, together with the voice of people singing, accompany the races at all times.

Gaoyou has many customs, such as wearing a necklace made of five-color threads, pasting magic labels of the five most poisonous insects, setting off realgar firecrackers, eating 芒鈧搕welve red dishes (cooked in soy source or a dark colored liquid, e.g., realgar wine and salted duck egg)芒鈧? As for the children, they hang in front of their chest a small bag weaved with colorful strings that carries in it a selective egg.



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