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Nations & Customs
Bulang Nationality
10/05/2012 10:31:48    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1716

Bulang Nationality: An Ethnic Group Using Different Months As Their Surnames

Bulang Nationality has a population of 90,400. Their bamboo houses on poles are similar to those of Dai. Bulangs like smoking and chewing tobacco as well as a brewed tea with a sour taste.

"Naming after Different Months": An Interesting Bulang Naming Custom
The surnames of Bulangs are named after the months when they were born. 芒鈧揧an芒鈧?is used for the male while 芒鈧揧u芒鈧?for the female. Thus, their names consist of three parts: name, surname and gender.

Two Weddings: The Unique Bulang Wedding Custom
Bulangs usually have two wedding ceremonies, one being simple and the other grand. The first one is held after the engagement. After this wedding, the bride will continue staying in her parents芒鈧劉 house for three years and take care of their children. The second is the formal wedding. On this occasion, accompanied by her family members and friends, the bride will come to the bridegroom芒鈧劉s house with her dowry. The senior and respectable villagers will fasten the blessing-thread for them.

"Yong" and "Bang": Bulang芒鈧劉s Village-building Ceremony
Following the tradition, Bulangs will hold a ceremony for building a village, which is usually chaired by the village-head or the chief monk. The village built in this way is called 芒鈧揧ong芒鈧? A village built without a ceremony is called 芒鈧揃ang芒鈧?which is regarded only as a shelter rather than a village by Bulangs.

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