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Nations & Customs
The Ancient County Government Office
13/02/2012 05:01:37    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1530

The Ancient County Government Office of Fuliang & the Red Tower

The original Fuliang County was established in the 11th year of Yuan he芒鈧劉s Reign of Tang Dynasty(817A.D)and thus has a history of over 1180 years.It has been developed as a tourist zone characterized by the places of historic interest and scenic beauty with a rich cultural heritage,It is composed of two scenic spots,the ancient county government office of Fuliang and the Red Tower.

The gorernment office of Fuliang county,the only well-preserved of the sort of Qing Dynasty in the area south of the Yangtze known as 芒鈧搕he First county government office south of the Yangtze芒鈧?still retains its original appearance:the First Gate,the ceremonial Gate,the courtyard,the Principal Hall,the secondary Hall and the laner most Hall.The whole structure is a well-organized mulfi-purpose complex,joined together by corridors and passges.As an excellent combination of solemnity,life and elegance,it fills people with the mixed feeling of reverence and relaxatiin.The architecture is fabulous in terms of art,while in the meantime,are inspirng as it is charactenstic of the feudal government office.Inside the government office is an exhibifion of ancient official robes,implements of punishment,the 18 kinds of weapons,folgging club,official sedan chairs,clamping sticks and all sorts of inscribed scrolls and boards.芒鈧揟he Monarchy long abolished,though,the county government office remains still芒鈧?芒鈧揂 Historic place of ranly,where every entrypays芒鈧?Visiting the office,you can get some idea of the circumstances of the ancient county government office in terms of its history,politics and culture,and you can also have much fun by posing as a magistrate for a while.As people Puit,芒鈧揂 county government office,half a historical account of Qing Dynasy芒鈧?Walking around inside,observing everything in sight,one feels lide traveling be yond the boundaries of time and space,which pleases both heart and soul.

The soaring Red Town,芒鈧搕he First Tower of Jiangxi芒鈧?is also known as 芒鈧搕he ancient city emblem of Fuliang芒鈧?As the symbol of the age 芒鈧€渙ld Fuliang county,it has witnessed its history.with an existence of over a thousand years through various miseries of all sorts,it has faithfully registerd all the ups and downs in the history of Fuliang county from Song and Yuan Dynasties to present.It has provided mateials for beautiful folk takes which are still popular with people.And it also reveals to people the unigue charm of Buddhist culture.

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