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Nations & Customs
Customs on Winter Solstice Festival
07/10/2011 15:53:01    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1890

Customs on Winter Solstice Festival

In North China
Many historical conventions have been passed down to be the customs of the North China Winter Solstice Festival. While the celebrating forms are diversified.

脗聽Many people make 芒鈧揓iujiuxiaohan芒鈧?works, but in various styles. Some paint a plum blossom and 81 petals from the day after the festival, one day each. After the painting is completed, the day after will get warm. The most elegant form is making antithetical couplets.

It is also a custom to send shoes as a gift. People today usually make or buy shoes and then send them to the children.

The boys in North Shanxi district get used to play the 芒鈧揇agang芒鈧?game while girls usually kick shuttlecocks. Even the adults will join in the fun.

Treating for teachers is an important habit on this day. And some people give a banquet to treat their employees.

In South China
The night on this day is the longest during a year, so 芒鈧揥inter Solstice rice ball芒鈧?are made at this night. Children are happy on this day and usually make the rice balls in shape of cute animals. And the rice balls are must ate by couple for good luck. If two balls are left at last, the married will have all their wishes; if one, the unmarried will have success. Fruits and food are used to sacrifice to the ancestors.

Some people 芒鈧揹ry winter rice芒鈧? they wash some rice, dry and keep them, preparing to make porridges for the patience in the future.

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