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Nations & Customs
Bai People's Wedding Custom
17/09/2011 05:01:36    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1785

Bai Peoples Wedding Custom

Bai Peoples wedding always experience the following procedures: courtship through a go-between, drawing the eight characters about the birth, congratulating, choosing wedding day, accepting courtship, sending wedding letters, and worshiping at wedding. Before getting married, the bridegroom's side will send a pig as gift, the bride's side will prepare dowries, cry to express the deep passion with sisters and guests, and sing a song while crying to recall mother's love. On the wedding day, when people from bridegroom's side to meet the bride at her home, the bride's side will light big fire, throw chopsticks, kill a chicken to ward off evil, and send people to pull the sedan-chair. After arriving at the bridegroom's home, the couple will perform formal bows and worship heaven and earth, and some people will tease in bridal chamber.

Bai People'wedding usually lasts for three jolly days.
The first day is called the day of alking in tent? The bridegroom will have a decorated tent built befor the wedding day. In the eve of wedding day, he will invite local actors to sing and act in Yunnan Opera (usually called wooden stool opera, with one person play musical instrument, others sing and play different roles), or to sing songs of congratulations and greetings accompanied by suona, as well as melodies like Daben song. Guests will eat, drink and taste various fruit, tea, wine and so on.. Singing and eating, the party will not be over until late night. All the people that are present, no matter old or young, male or female, will taste rice dumplings in the same bowl, to bless the wedding a happy ending in advance.

The second day is the wedding day. The reception begins from moring, guests taste fruit and wine first, and have dishes then. At this time, accompanied by a bestman, the bridegroom will offer wine and dishes respecfully, usually bending his knees and holding the tray by two palms, to guests table by table in the music of ragon Going Up to Heaven? played by suona. When meeting the bride, led by the go-between, bestman and bridesmaid will go the bride's home in music played by suona (the bridegroom is not allowed to to together in some places). On arrival, suona player is required to play cheerful musics such as ees Crossing a River? ig Procession? elody of Meeting Bride? etc, for at least six times. Until then, several senior people from bride's side will come out to receive them and let them in. What is more interesting, sometimes when they are about to stride in, these seniors may suddenly stop them and raise some unexpected questions or several couplet to the go-between and bestman, asking for response, for example:here are you coming from?hat have you met on the way?. This custom is calledest on Road? The answer should not only be fluent without any hesitation, but be quick, glib, humorous and knowledgable. Any lagging response may result in a bright laughter full of happiness. For some places, the bridegroom is necessary to meet the bride personally, thus, est on Road?is also called est for Son-in-Laworest for Bridegroom?/P>

The third day after the wedding day is for the bride to visit her own family with her husband. They go back together to see his inlaws, but they have to be back before sunset, because a local practice sayshe bridal chamber cannot be empty within ten days after wedding? On the seventhday after wedding, the new couple must go to the local temple to worship the local god, praying for a harmonious family and a son.

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