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Faith & Belief
Chinese Proverbs 7
06/04/2012 04:54:25    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2584

莽陋庐氓鈥扳€∶犆寂捗犆モ€扳€∶┾偓拧(莽漏路氓藛鈩⒚ヂ徦溍寂捗ヂ徦溍ニ嗏劉茅鈧? (qiong ze bian, bian ze tong)
Literally: If you"re poor, change and you"ll succeed.
Meaning: When out of means, seek change. Then opportunities will come.

盲赂鈧┞♀€犆ㄢ偓聛茅录聽氓卤沤氓拢啪盲潞鈥犆ぢ糕偓茅聧鈥姑猜?盲赂鈧┞⑩€斆ㄢ偓聛茅录聽氓卤沤氓聺聫盲潞鈥犆ぢ糕偓茅鈥濃€γ猜? (yi ke lao shu shi huai le yi guo zhou)
Literally: One mouse dropping ruins the whole pot of rice porridge.
Equivalent English saying: One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

盲赂鈧ヂぢ泵堵趁λ喡惷ヂ嵠捗ヂ徛っβ伮?(yi shi zu cheng qian gu hen)
Moral: The error of one moment becomes the sorrow of a whole life.

氓赂藛氓鈥氣€γ┞⑩€犆库€好┾€斅寂捗ぢ柯∨捗ヅ撀ぢ嘎ぢ郝?(shi fu ling jin men, xiu xing zai ge ren)
Moral: Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.

茅藴虏盲潞潞盲鹿鈥姑ヂ科捗ぢ嘎嵜ヂ徛р€灺?茅藴虏盲潞潞盲鹿鈥姑ヂ科捗ぢ嘎嵜ヂ徛︹€斅? (fang ren zhi xin bu ke wu)
Literally: Careful with others is a must have.
Meaning: Be cautious of people that may hurt you intentionally.

氓庐鲁盲潞潞盲鹿鈥姑ヂ科捗ぢ嘎嵜ヂ徛ε撯€?(hai ren zhi xin bu ke you)
Literally: Do not harbour intentions to hurt others.
Note: This is usually use after 茅藴虏盲潞潞盲鹿鈥姑ヂ科捗ぢ嘎嵜ヂ徛р€灺?茅藴虏盲潞潞盲鹿鈥姑ヂ科捗ぢ嘎嵜ヂ徛︹€斅?(see above)

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