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Faith & Belief
The Ladies Book of Filial Piety
07/10/2011 16:55:50    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1779

The Ladies" Book of Filial Piety

A niece of Lady Zheng, the wife of Mo Chenmiao was conferred the title of Imperial Concubine of Yong State. To familiarize her with the ritual, Lady Zheng wrote this book to standardize her behavior.

The Ladies" Book of Filial Piety(氓楼鲁氓颅聺莽禄聫) was written after the form and diction of Book of Filial Piety and was divided into 18 chapters. It imitated the "questions and answers" between Ban Zhao of Eastern Han and other ladies to explain the principles of filial piety and ritual rules that ladies must obey (such as man is superior to woman) as an decorum and rules.

The Ladies" Book of Filial Piety was originally divided to 18 chapters, explaining the doctrine of women in different social classes and the principles of serving parents-in-law and husbands, like regarding the husband as the heaven, treating parents-in-law and relatives very well and working hard at weaving.

The Ladies" Book of Filial Piety became a classic book for education of women in the feudal society.




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