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China Perspectives
Different Views on Human Rights
12/10/2008 19:22:30    Author : Reporter    Browse : 788
Different Views Between China and the West on Human Rights: Official
All countries, organizations and individuals are welcomed to propose ways of improving human rights conditions in China, and China is also ready to hear their criticisms, said Zhao Qizheng, director-general of the State Council Information Office (SCIO).
Zhao said that China"s views on human rights are vastly different from those prevalent in the West.

                      China, UN Sign Agreement on Human Rights Cooperation
Since 1990, the United States and some other Western countries have proposed anti-China draft resolutions at ten annual sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. None of the attempts succeeded. Despite their failure, these countries wouldn"t give it up once and for all. That, in itself, is sufficient to demonstrate the magnitude of the differences between Western countries and China on the human rights question.
Two types of differences

The official pointed out that these differences fall into two types: those resulting from differing ways of approaching a reality, and those from conflicting concepts of human rights.

Differences resulting from conflicting concepts are, relatively speaking, fundamental in nature, in that they make people draw diametrically opposite conclusions in viewing the same thing.
Westerners still insist conditions in China become worse

Some Westerners acknowledge the economic development China has made over the past two decades.

Nevertheless, they insist that China"s human rights conditions have become worse because the country continues practicing socialism under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and, therefore, its political system can in no way be democratic and be based on a sound legal system.
But Chinese believe great progress

However, as the Chinese believe, the past two decades has witnessed the most rapid development of China"s human rights cause under the state policy of reform and opening to the outside world, even though the country"s human rights conditions still need to improve.

The rights of the Chinese people to subsistence and development and their economic, social and cultural rights have all improved. The country"s legal system of democracy has been effectively strengthened, hence the effective protection of the Chinese people"s civil and political rights.

The diametrically opposing views on China"s human rights conditions can of course be attributed to the differing ways of seeing things. But the fundamental reason lies in the fact that some Westerners, basing themselves entirely on Western views, use their political system and their way of dealing with human rights as the sole criterion to measure China"s human rights conditions.
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