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China Perspectives
Is there any difference?
12/10/2008 13:48:48    Author :     Browse : 936
Is there any difference between what you see in China and the pre-visit impressions you got from the media or your friends? Why so?

Article 1----My Impression of China
By Paul Carr
Before I came to China last July, I was fed a lot of misleading information about China from the foreign or "international" media. The media told me stories about human rights abuses, and the impression I got from this one-sided story was that the Chinese people themselves were oppressed. I"m now in China and I realise that the Chinese people are not oppressed. Their media, at the local and provincial level, is by and large free, just like in many parts of the West. You know, with Bush"s war-like rhetoric of "The War on Terror", one might argue that the media in the United States is not as free as it was before and there is a great deal of self-censorship creeping in. I think it was Jacques Chirac who said that China is a country we need to learn to understand. He said, as I recall, we need to understand its history because China, the vast majority of whose population is neither Christian, Muslim or Jew, has no Bible, Koran or Torah. I am a little disappointed but not surprised by the posts of a number of commentators to this poll saying things like the Chinese people are "dirty" and "lack manners". These commentators are the ones with closed minds, who are out of touch with reality and who do not realise that in order to pursue the truth we must have a feel for the future. China will play a big part in the future.

Article 2----My Impression of China
By Ailin
There I have been already 2 weeks in China, and since I entered this country I have been enjoying it very much!
It is not at all as I did immagine and the stories I heard before coming in did worry me a little...like very dirty country, stinky, people keep speeting everywhere. I must say that in the places that for now I have visited I found just little of this.
At the countrary by my surprise I found that the towns are pretty clean and well kept....and in some ways it seems to me that they are very much busy to reduce polution!
In Kunming the first place I have visited, and where I did meet up again with my Tatsu, the motorbikes work with electricity and not petrol! In Lijang they use cotton bags instead of plastic once! Poor people go around to receicle plastic bottles, paper...so it seems to me that they are working on it!



Also the people look much different from the Chinese we find at home! Maybe because I¡¯m in one of the most beautifull regions of China (yunnan), that is close to tibet and has a stronge tibetan influence, so I find that the poeple are very beautifull, whit very tipical faces, and friendly and happy shine in their eyes!
The once that look like the once we have at home are the chinese tourist around town...that come here on holiday from the east cost of China. Kunming was very much like a big american town, lots of convinient stores and high buldings.  And unfortunally they are destroing All the old  town buildings to recunstruct it again!! I also found that some big towns resemble a little Rotterdam, so new and with lots of beautifull new style homes sett in little groups around town.
Dali and Lijang (a town I visited) are much more tipical chinese towns, as you can see on the pictures, and many people here still go around with their tipiacl clothes and are always happy and smilling.  Maybe because the place is much smaller and we are very close to the country, anyways there is a nice atmospher in the air, and many people are singing around town!
The food is also very different from what we find at home.  Very good buut very oily, and me and Tatsu are still not completly used to it (some kakade problems). I¡¯m also starting to be in love with the tea culture.  They manly drink green tea and is mostly included in every meal. Also in the rooms usually there is a waterboilers or they give you a termos with hot water...so it is very nice to drink tea all day!
About future plans, I really don¡¯t know jet what I will do, so I guess I will deceide witht he time. Meanwhile we are based in dali.  I¡¯m making some new paintings (that will get to see on this page) and tatsu is writting.
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