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China Perspectives
Impression of China Made Products
11/10/2008 21:48:23    Author : Yu    Browse : 861
My work is inline with sales, and everyday consumers and buyers are with me as I do my work.  After the news about the china milk scandal broke out in the media, where many kids are actually affected, the sudden shift in buyers mode of buying drastically change. The way they don¡¯t usually do, but now they are doing it-looking for the info where the product was made was the main concern. Sadly to say when they find out that it was made from china. They react as if the thing they are holding contains poison that they were too scared and do avoiding it. Actually most of the supermarket I work with, pulled out already their products that was made from china, milk, with milk and canned goods. So sad having such negative impression, but who"s to blame, media or china itself?
How about you? Do you have this same impression regarding china made products?

The Thing: "I drank Sanlu milk powder ever since I was small."

         Yao Ming: "Coach, get me two glasses of Sanlu, and I can run the whole game without having to pee!"

Yili Group Chairman and CEO: "Can you all be more low-key?! At this time, we should not attract attention to ourselves! Dammit, do you all not see that even I do not dare to kick a man when he is down?" Of course, after the government tests, Yili was also found to have melamine in their products so they were not innocent either.


Tian Wenhua (Sanlu CEO): "I am innocent. I got the milk from the dairy farmers."
Dairy Farmer: "I am wronged¡­do not blame me, it [the cow] did it."
Cow: "None of my business, I just come out to eat grass.
Grass:  "Mother came from her mother. Grass came from grass¡¯s mother. I came from my mother."
Government Official: "I declare that the ultimate culprit for the Sanlu incident is Cao Ta Ma."
Babies: "Cao Ta Ma, who is that?"
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