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China Perspectives
Couplet: Self-Talks Under the Rubble
11/10/2008 13:24:34    Author : Y. Wang from SF    Browse : 816


               One:              Self-talks under the Rubble

                                                 by Pig the Strength


                              Natural disaster is inevitable; 
                              I think I lost my soul!
                              The uncles and grandpas call, aunties and grandmas cry,
                              Here I am! Your dear boar, moved by you!

                              One-point-three billion people"s attention and care, 
                              Even for me, your darling pig, happiness is everywhere!

                              Black pig of strength, I become a cherished hero
                              Cameras on the left, videos at right
                              Experiencing the great national love, satisfied for life!

                              Only wish all humans would develop one wisdom
                              Become vegetarians, you all!
                              Then, alas! I will cheer forever, and with all!


                   Two:             Self-talks under the Rubble

                                 by Zhaoshan Wang, translated by Hua Zhai

                        (Song of River City                            

Natural disaster is inevitable, why complain about death?
The President calls, the Premier cries,
The Party cares and the Country loves,
Every and each word goes into the rubble.
One-point-three billion people all shed tears,
Full of happiness, even as a ghost. 
Silver aircrafts, army vehicles rescue the kids,
Soldier uncles on the left, police aunties on the right
Experiencing the great national love, satisfied to die.
Only wish there could be a TV set in front of the tomb,
Watching the Olympic Games and cheering with all.
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