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China Perspectives
Evil or Angel, A Mysterious Territory!
10/10/2008 18:51:38    Author : Yu    Browse : 873
Apart from the material aspect, the People"s Republic of China is still a mysterious place to most of Western people, especially in ideology domain. When something happened, for example, "the Tibetan Event", how was a Chinese individual, a group of Chinese people, a class of Chinese and even the Centre Government of China think? Why they responded so different from the Western? Are there any evil inside Chinese people and the Centre Government of China, putting them to do so? Or this only was steered by Chinese mentality, beliefs, culture, political propensity or historical track.
China Perspectives is a guide for you to adventure and explore this not yet been well explained, so not yet been thoroughly understood country.   
China Perspectives provides wide-ranging perspectives and informative articles to shape the understanding of China today.
China Perspectives is designed to contain the following sections:
-         News from China and/or analysis
-         Personal story from China or related to China
-         Interviews with experts or ordinary Chinese people
-         Research articles focusing on China
-         Comprehensive analysis of a prominent theme or aspect of recent developments in China

All articles can be either original first-handed or digested and recommended.
Chief Editor of China Perspectives
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