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China Perspectives
Qing Dynasty Furniture
13/11/2012 04:34:32    Author : kathyby66@gmai.com    Browse : 2474

Qing Dynasty Furniture

Qing Style Furniture emerged during the Kangxi region of Qing Dynasty. Sprung during the early time of Kangxi period, and developed in the peak time at the late years of his region, Qing Dynasty furniture spread its unique characters to the world and now still possesses the high collecting value at present.

Characters of Qing Style Furniture
Various types, multi-functioned design with transformation, elaborate skill and structure. The clear type family has variety and design of a lot of former generation, the modeling is changed especially infinity. 
Carefully material selecting and making processThe materials selected in Qing Dynasty furniture prefer deep colors hardwoods. In the structure is made, in order to guarantee that the color and luster lamination of appearance is unanimous, too for being firm and firm, Take woods act as in succession and need little wooden concatenations often. 

Well-considered and various designed decorations One of the most obvious characters of Qing Dynasty furniture is the elaborate decoration. Craftmen in Qing Dynasty applied all the possible materials and methods to produce the Qing Dynasty furniture. The most using methods are carving and inlaying. The furniture can be decorated with ivory carving, bamboo carving and lacquer carving and embedded with patterns made of wood, bamboo, stone, china, mother-of-pearl. The decorative patterns use various homophonic names of auspicious words. For example, Ruyi Jade inserted in a treasure bottle means Safety and Fortune; the combination of magpies and plum blossoms represent Eye Twinkle with Joy.

Deeply influenced by western style furniture. There are two kinds of furniture influenced by western style furniture. One is totally copy to the western style furniture with poor handicraft. The other one is a combination of traditional Chinese furniture and western style one.

In the early Qing Dynasty, furniture inherited characteristics of the Ming Dynasty, from the reign of Emperor Yongzheng to Emperor Jiaqing. After political power was stabilized and the economy improved, people began to pay more attention to more material things in there lives, and demanded decorative and luxurious furnishings, gaudiness and sumptuousness were a basic features of Qing furniture which was usually heavy and sizable, featuring exquisitely carved patterns. Some pieces were carved from head to foot and had inlays of stone, mother-of-pearl, porcelain, metal, and enamel. Qing furniture had curved decorations and exaggerated shapes that demanded attention. Chinese traditional furniture has a strong aesthetic appeal due to its apparently simple lines and the fact that it makes use of "natural materials" such as the finest hardwoods-no fusty stuffed couches here. Ready comparisons can be made to Danish furniture, with its sparse lines.

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