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China Perspectives
China Tally Verification Altar
24/09/2012 03:00:48    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2142

China Tally Verification Altar

The cultural tourism area of sacred sites of Huangdi, Yandi and Chi You in China (hereinafter called Sanzu, meaning the earliest three ancestors of the Chinese nation) has formed 5 scenic spots of China Tally Verification Altar, China Sanzu Hall, Huangdi Spring, the site of Huangdi City, and Xuanyuan Lake, all of which have officially been opened to the public. China Tally Verification Altar is the core scenic spot in this tourism area and covers an area of more than 470 mu; the main landscapes are China Tally Verification Altar, China Huabiao, Sanzu Bridge, China Unity Plaza, Rising Nine Dragons Column, 56-nationality Figure Column, and so on. Occupying an area of 104 mu, China Sanzu Hall consists of the gate, flat altar, and Sanzu Hall; the main part of Sanzu Hall was built in the style of the structure Foguang Temple in Tang Dynasty that was the earliest in existence and that was kept in the best condition. The entire hall has seven rooms in width and three rooms in length, and all these rooms are wooden structure, totaling 470 cubic meters of lumber. In the Hall, offerings are made to the three major ancestors of the Chinese nation, Huangdi, Yandi and Emperor Chi You. Around the Hall are large painted frescoes with content of "Zhuolu War", "Tally Verification in Fushan", "Establishment of Capital in Zhuolu", "Banquan War" etc., and display showcases in the ancient style were made around the Hall. Huangdi Spring is a spring with natural flow of water, which gushes from the ground and accumulates into a pool; the water is clear, neither freezes in winter nor smells in summer, and is inexhaustible in case of a long drought. Huangdi Spring water is deep water in 1700-5000 meters underground, and the daily flow reaches 4600-4800 ton. After determination by the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Chemical Industry of China, Huangdi Spring is high-quality natural mineral water containing strontium and bicarbonate in the calcium and magnesium type. Radon gas contained in the spring water can be used for predicting an earthquake. The Huangdi City site is an irregular rectangle; the lower city wall is a stacked soil layer, and the upper city wall is a rammed earth layer. The south, west and north walls remain in existence, and the east wall was immersed in the Xuanyuan Lake. This site was the "Old City of Zhuolu" in history. There are a large number of pottery fragments within the site, and complete stone axes and chisels, etc. can be found sometimes; most of the pottery earthed here was Neolithic product. Xuanyuan Lake: It is 300 meters from Huangdi Spring, and is formed by spring water in a steady stream from Huangdi Spring.

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