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China Perspectives
Cached Treasures of Hejia Village
24/09/2012 02:31:28    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1540

Cached Treasures of Hejia Village

Recently, more than 300 pieces of cached cultural relics of Hejia Village, Xi芒鈧劉an, which is regarded as one of the important archaeological findings of Sui and Tang Dynasties in the 20th century, were showcased at West Exhibition Hall of Shaanxi Historical Museum. It was the first time for centralized demonstration of cached cultural relics of Hejia Village, Xi芒鈧劉an since they were unearthed.

Cached cultural relics of Hejia Village, Xi芒鈧劉an were unearthed in Hejia Village, Xi芒鈧劉an in 1970 and thus got its name. When doing the groundwork, the construction persons of a unit found a pottery urn and a gilt silver bottle, which is full of gold, silver and treasures. They immediately reported their findings. The archaeological workers came to the construction site immediately and took over the treasures. Moreover, they also conducted a digging investigation on surrounding areas. On Oct. 11 of the same year, ringing metal sound came from the digging shovel. Thus, the second urn filled with treasures was unearthed. A total of two urns and one jar were founded, with more than 1,000 pieces of cultural relics such as golden and silver vessels, gems and jewelries, valuable drugs as well as domestic and foreign coins.

The archaeological finding is famous for highest number of cultural relics unearthed, rich categories, excellent technique and restoration, and is also one of the most important findings of Sui and Tang Dynasty in 20th century. Moreover, the rare cultural relics boast rich information and reflect the life of Tang Dynasty from multiple angles and layers, such as politics, economy, ideology, cultural, art, folk customs and technique.

At the exhibition, more than 300 pieces of cached cultural relics of Hejia Village collected by Shaanxi Historical Museum were showcased. These cultural relics mainly include jade articles, gold and silver vessels and coins. The exhibition highlights the core positions of cultural relics in exhibition to showcase more details for the audiences. In the meantime, audiences can know the functions and cultural meanings of the exhibits through PCs directly.

It is noted that this batch of cultural relics brought wonderfulness and shocking experiences to the decedents, and also left 1,000-year enigmas and suspense: when the treasures were buried? Who is their owner? Why they were buried under the ground? These are still issues discussed by the academic circle till now.

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