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China Perspectives
Chinese Ancient Currency 3
25/08/2012 07:15:19    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2694

Copper Cash

 Copper cash is the general terms of  Chinese ancient currency made of copper which turned up in the Qin Dynasty (221 BC芒鈧€?06 BC), a dynasty leaving so many legacies to the Chinese people such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army. The copper coin is evolved from 芒鈧渉uan cash芒鈧劉 (莽沤炉茅鈥櫬? a kind of ancient copper coin with ring shape used in the Warring States Period which lasted from 475 BC to 221 BC). Generally speaking, most of the copper coins are round and there is a square hole in the center of the coin, hence there is another Chinese name called 芒鈧渇angkong cash芒鈧劉 (Fangkong, means square hole) and a nickname called 芒鈧渒ongfang brother芒鈧劉. People can distinguish different kinds of copper coins by the letters marked on the coins. These letters always refer to the region title in different dynasties, such as 芒鈧淨ianlong Tongbao芒鈧劉 (盲鹿戮茅拧鈥犆┾偓拧氓庐聺, Qianlong is one reign title lasting from 1736 to 1795, 芒鈧淭ongbao芒鈧劉 means the treasure in circulation) and 芒鈧淵ongzheng Tongbao芒鈧劉 (茅鈥郝嵜βC┾偓拧氓庐聺) in the Qing Dynasty (1616芒鈧€?911).

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