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China Perspectives
Dragon Boat Festival Customs 8
16/07/2012 05:42:06    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1508

Shaanxi Province

On the Dragon Boat Festival, the prefecture of ancient Xing芒鈧劉anzhou leads his entourage to watch the dragon boat races. In Xingping County, small rice dumplings are packaged in silk with little dolls sewn on the surface. In Tongguan County, calami, argy wormwood, and paper-made cattle are pasted on doors to keep out disease.

Gansu Province

On the Dragon Boat Festival, people in Jingningzhou pick roses and use the nectar to make maltose. In Zhenyuan County, fragrant fans, silk clothes, handkerchiefs, and wormwood-made tiger are given to newly married couples. Students, together with their fathers or brothers, invite their teachers to dinner. In Zhang County, shepherd boys make a sacrifice to the god of mountains, and firewood is piled up and burned before daybreak.


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